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Almost two years since I last touched this site. I got quite a few mails commenting that I had not done anything to the site in sometime, so I have worked on the site, making it lighter and removing the useless bits from here and there. Lots of bad code and all that jazz. I love the planes here, but to be honest its too American the site, so I'll add a few Sukhoi's and MiG's in the forthcoming week. If you have any suggestions about what I can do to make things even write in to me. And, yes, I'll add a little section about myself and my friends, you know scan in a few images. Just pop an email across if you want more stuff on the site. Anyway changes will take some time to filter down through the rest of the site.. so give me some time...

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Updated on 9th March, 2001

My F-15 Eagle Pictures page 1

Updated! The F/A-18 Hornet and Super Hornet.

Information and Pictures on the F-16 Falcon.

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Created by Kushan Mitra on 7th October, 1997

Last updated on the 9th of March, 2001, 1433  IST

Thanks to the usual gang of idiots in my life, my idiotic friends.

This site is dedicated to all those of you in the world who have had the misfortune of meeting me.

Also to those who I have had the misfortune of meeting in St. Columba's School, New Delhi and living with in St. Stephen's College, New Delhi. Thanks for making an insignificant contribution to my pathetic life. Thank God for the small things in life such as amazing aircraft, the internet, Vodka and T-H-C amongst other things. Umm, yes I have to get a small section of my pathetic loser life and write about my pathetic loser friends. This somewhere would mean scanning photgraphs right.. oh well whatever....

Unlikely as it may seem, if you want to know me any further, pop an email across. And please, I like meeting people, so if you ever travel via New Delhi, India.. just send a line across...

Kushan Mitra, 1997-2001